We are an organization called by God to provide Biblically based Family Wealth Counseling services to affluent Christian families who have a heart for impacting the Kingdom of God. We cultivate highly personal, client relationships by helping families optimize their tax elimination, effective business succession, inheritances plans and Kingdom giving.

Eliminate estate and capital gains taxes and reduce annual income taxes

Since it is perfectly legal to avoid all estate and capital gains taxes our families choose to do so. They also wish to proactively reduce their current, annual income taxes to the lowest possible amount. More >

Ensure that you can maintain your current lifestyle

There is nothing that is more important for parents than to be able to maintain their chosen lifestyle for the rest of their lives once all their planning is implemented.
More >

Pass on an appropriate inheritance to heirs who have been properly prepared to receive it

Possibly the most complex area of planning for parents is how much to pass on to their heirs and how to wisely do it so as to bless and not curse them. Providing a thoughtful, well-planned inheritance is central in our planning with families. More >

Increase your giving to ministries and kingdom causes

Christian families have a real heart to support Kingdom causes that are making a difference in the world and with effective planning they are able to dramatically increase their Kingdom giving without reducing their chosen lifestyle or reducing their heirs inheritance. More >

Maximize your God
given talents, passions and life-purpose

One of the greatest thrills for members of our families is when they fully discover their God-given passions, talents and life-purpose. When this happens they typically experience new levels of personal fulfillment and joy in life beyond anything they have known previously. More >